Mountain biking in Idaho with new Wildlife non-profit leaders.

We are getting the mountain bikes out for one more ride in the Big Holes. The fall has been quite pleasant here in the Teton Valleys with autumn colors bringing even more beauty into the area. The Big Holes, a rolling yet rugged range are located in Eastern Idaho, and offers a pleasant contrast to the more sought-after jagged granite peaks of Western Wyoming’s Tetons.

Renee Seidler enjoying the colors on the Mahogany Creek descent in the Big Holes. Renee is the President of Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. TWRC is a non-profit that increases the chances of wildlife survival through rehabilitation and public education. Contact them at or visit them at!

Pictured below is Lindsay Jones, Program Director of Teton Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Seen here biking The Aspen Trail this past Spring, Lindsay is passionate about protecting our wildlife. The view across Teton Valley to the Big Holes is only made more dramatic by a passing spring shower.

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