Just another day… that is, 28 days!

Its still snowing! This is the last day of February 2014, and it hasn’t disappointed. We hit the pass as usual with beers in the cooler, cars parked at the bottom, ready to provide support at the end of a “long” day at the office. Today was number 28. It was the 28th day of February, and my 28th day of man powered skiing this season. I by no means have some large number of ski days. Please know I am not trying to brag about ski days. The fact is, I don’t actually ski that much… for someone living in Jackson. I don’t even know if I could ski everyday. Respect to those who can. I’ve always just kept up with my number of ski days. I don’t do it for other sports or activities, just skiing. I guess its about quality of the days. I’ve only had one not-so-awesome run this season, and it was after three untracked laps on a favorite bowl. These days are about a lot more than just skiing. It is everything that surrounds skiing. The energy in town, the wind, tired legs, the distant exclamations of stoke, the fact that wings and beer taste way better after hiking around in our winter wonderland. For me, it is about being with friends, capturing moments in photos, and being in the mountains. Enjoy!

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