To Moto or Not To Moto

That was never a question. Keith Briggs, Jason Crockett, and I make our way to Yellowstone the Dirty Way- get your minds out of the gutter- just talking about dirt roads on dual sport motorcycles here! This wasn’t without its own little problems along the way. Luckily, Jason has sick moto skills and can keep the bike upright while it locks up from its chain coming off and lodging against the swing arm. Unfortunatley, this occurred in the middle of nowhere Idaho, and oh yeah- it started thundering, lightening, raining and hailing while we were resolving the situation. All was well an hour or so later after we limped the bike back to Keith’s friend’s cabin near Big Springs, ID. Thanks Dave! Since I am new to the moto world I had never seen Dust to Glory, a documentary about the Baja 1000 held in Mexico. That is no longer the case and I now have something to work towards! Yeah right! With a hand full of more “small” issues Jason does the wise thing and get his bike back to pavement and Jackson. Keith and I continue onward to West Yellowstone and through the park back to our beloved Jackson.

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